PT. Cahaya Samoedera Bersaudara

Authorized Distributor of Shell Marine Lubricants in Indonesia

PT. Cahaya Samoedera Bersaudara is one of the largest marine product distributors in the country with a worldwide distribution network, 24/7/365 on call service, in addition to a wide array of marine lubricant products. Samoedera is capable of distributing to more than 40 countries and well over 600 major ports worldwide, with continous footprint expansion to accomodate marine related necessities at a global scale.

The company delivers a comprehensive range of services including lube surveys, ship visits, lubricant analysis, training, and logistics. It is a One-Stop solution concept, delivering other marine related commodities and service apart from lubricant products.

Born out passion and integrity, PT. Cahaya Samoedera Bersaudara (Samoedera) was established in 2009
as a subsidiary company of Sefas Group.

Since 2010, Samoedera has been an authorized distributor of Shell Marine. Samoedera's founders have been in the business for well over 20 years, continously perfecting systems and management operations to seamlessly achieving viability and unrivaled reliability. It is now globally the Top Performing Shell Marine Distributors in 2017 and 2018 - with a worldwide network, putting forward technologically innovative products that are consistent in quality and supportive towards environmental sustainability.

As part of Sefas Group, Samoedera is in-lining its corporate vision and mission to attain long-term business growth and success.

PT. Cahaya Samoedera Bersaudara was established in 2009. And now in less than 10 years it is globally the top performing distributor 2017


PT. Cahaya Samoedera Bersaudara strive to be the best in defining, accomodating customer needs, for enhancing best customer experience in lubricant requirements.

Delivering value that contributing to customer's business.



It's the core of our business, the source of our solidity, professionalism, and accountability. Nurturing each soul, producing winning individuals who stand fast as Sefas fundamentals. Entrench firm roots in long-term relationship with partners, suppliers, and customers.


Put forward a range of essential products and services of the best quality. Exceeding the requirements and needs of the market. Also ensuring deliverability and satisfaction to the fullest extent.


We are economically driven to achieve profit maximization. Sustainable growth with proven track record, and to ensure confidence and credibility to stakeholders at large.


Safeguarding a smart and efficient organization, maintaining productivity at maximum level. While also preserving the best possible output and execution in any circumstances.


Shaping and implementing corporate culture of accountability, Integrity and Excellence throughout all members of Sefas Family.


Samoedera has the capability to deliver a complete solution to address requirements
and necessities of the customers.

Samoedera has 16 stock points in Indonesia

With an extensive array of top of the line product, in addition to excellence in service support covering areas of technical, logistical, sales, and administrational, Samoedera provides assurance to deliver a superior service standard that sets it apart from competitors in the business.

The strategic network bases allow it to supply marine lubricant oils to major ports in Indonesia within 48 hours while maintaining Zero Missed Supply and Zero Accident. Samoedera is the only distributor of Shell Marine with a vast network of offices and warehouses dispersed all over Indonesia.